Update reg. Coronavirus / COVID-19

Dear clients & visitors, we understand that owing to the special situation reg. Coronavirus Covid-19 you might be in need of 'immediate / urgent, one-time' support for manufacturing and sourcing before returning to your regular suppliers and manufacturers.

We, as a company, understand this and are willing to fulfill such 'one-time / short term' needs at the highest quality. Drop a mail directly at [email protected] with your contact info, we will call you directly and we can work together to ensure that your requirements are catered to in the quickest possible schedule.

Yours sincerely,

AeroAutoSpace Group


We specialize in end to end manufacturing of components and sub-assemblies through our manufacturing partners. We are catering to the aerospace, heavy automotive, space and valve industries. Our core competence lies in effective processing of aluminium, steel and special alloys while ensuring the highest quality at reasonable prices.


When specific customer needs cannot be fulfilled by us directly, we undertake the responsibility of ensuring the needs are fulfilled by external sources under our organization.

Specialized Services

This area is special and close to the hearts of our founders. With a positive mindset that there is enough for all in the manufacturing market and with a proven experience, we provide services to support MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) gain necessary qualification / certifications to manufacture in various domestic and overseas markets.

Innovation Lab

As a part of the specialized services division, AeroAutoSpace works on ideas pertaining to various topics. Be it technology, fitness, travel or any other topic, our goal is to help in the growth and simplicity while having fun. We are treading on this space with care to ensure our core focus remains on one aspect - value addition to the user, i.e. customer delight!